For Institutions


Opportunity to lead in the “new normal” in education after the pandemic! Our services can boost and accelerate your growth:

  • Course and curriculum development
  • International student recruitment
  • International support services

We have been working with universities in the past 10 years including top 100 US universities and community colleges in providing consulting and services that address their specific needs.

Case 1: Course and curriculum development is critical in adapting to the “new normal” in education after the pandemic. This pandemic shines a spotlight on the need for a strong workforce in areas such as health/medicine, business/economic, politics and IT that is equipped to perform locally and internationally working in multinational companies to small businesses. “58 Percent of Small Businesses Already Have International Customers” according to

We have experiences developing learning material for undergraduate and graduate studies as well as for faculty training for online and offline environments. Offering quality sought-after courses and curriculum can be the game changer in the “new normal”.

Case 2: International Student Recruitment is a pressing issue for many institutions due to the declining enrollment trend. Recruiting international students requires knowledgeable staff and sufficient funding. In addition, international students need support to understand the US educational system and to navigate the complex application process. The applicants and their families often turn to agents that are costly and may use unethical tactics. Our solution is to work with universities to fund our application center so the applicants can receive professional, ethical and knowledgeable support from our center for free.

Case 3: International support services is the answer to resource constrained departments with limited budgets, staffing and experiences. For example, the International Department in a college often face the challenge to covering the world with very limited resources. We have much experience in Asia/China, where we can be of value in bridging the cultural, social and communication differences to operate in the Asia markets. We have been working with our clients’ International Departments to develop and to implement international growth strategies, school partnerships, study abroad programs and more.

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